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Hydraulic Angling Broom
Sizes 48", 60", and 96" brooms operate angled left, angled right and straight positions.
Three point Cat II hitch manufactured using box frame construction with tubular steel brush frame.
Hydraulic angle change maximum 30° left or right.
Clearing width when fully angled for various sizes as follows:
- 48" broom clears 42" when angled 30°
- 60" broom clears 52" when angled 30°
- 72" broom clears 62" when angled 30°
Broom powered by dual 18 cubic inch, heavy duty, high torque hydraulic motor.
Hydraulic motor is incorporated  into broom core to minimize overall width.
Broom diameter is 32" and available with poly, wire or poly-wire combination bristles.
Configured with 12 inch wide masticated rubber deflector strip.
Broom controls integrated into vehicle joystick.
Four adjustable storage stands allow broom to be stored in convenient postition for easy attachment and removal.
Hydraulic connections made by quick disconnects.
Four point, self centering swing system maintains the center of the swept path on the center of the vehicle.
Brush hood covers 155° and is formed from 16 guage hot rolled steel.
Broom is finished with an epoxy primer and polyuerthane top coat. Color is M-B yellow.

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