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MSV Attachments

MSV Snow Plows


Fixed V, Folding V and Angling Plows
Angling Plow has dual cushion valves to protect moldboard and frame from shock and impacts.
Fixed V plow cushioned by four coil compression springs.
Plow controls integrated into vehicle joystick.
Adjustable and replaceable wear shoes (2).
Angling Plow equipped with two, dual acting, 2" bore cylinders to provide hydraulic angling.
All moldboards manufactured from 10 gauge steel.
Replaceable, bolt-on hardened cutting edges.
Professionally finished with phosphatizing prep/wash, epoxy primer and polyurethane paint.
Trip protection.
Hitch lift includes float position to follow ground contours.
Quick disconnect hydraulic couplers (angling plows).
Three point hitch mount.
Accumulator in lift circuit cushions ride in transport.
Angling Plow hydraulic positioning protected by standard cushion valves in angling circuits.
Fixed V forms 90° angle for even, high discharge to both sides.
Power V wings hydraulically operate to + and - 30° each, forming straight blade (left, right, dozing) or cupping configuration.
Angling Plow hydraulically positions at up to 30° angles for left, right or dozing operations.
Down pressure below grade standard.

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