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MSV Attachments

MSV Rear Dump Box & Rear Drop Sander

Hydraulic Rear Dump Box
Bayonet style frame mount locks to rear frame side pockets.
Dump box controls are integrated into vehicle joystick controls and are driven from MSV rear hydraulics.
Removable tailgate locks material in dump box and can easily be released to refill spreader.
Dump box has 2000 lbs. load carrying capacity and can hold up to 3/4 cubic yard of material dependent on weight.
Dump box lift is provided to ensure that raised dump box cannot be lowered during routine maintenance operations.
Design allows easy access to engine for regular fluid and maintenance checks.
Modular design allows fro easy installation and removal.
Internal 63 inch length allows for easy filling by a 5-foot skid steer bucket.
Front wheel weights are recommended for use with the dump box.

Hydraulic Rear Drop Sander
Bayonet style frame mount locks to rear frame pockets on MSV.
Spreader drive motor is designed to handle up to 5GPM at a maximum pressure of 2850PSI and is driven by MSV rear hydraulics.
Spreader controls are integrated into Plus+1® joystick controls. Drop rate is proportional to ground speed and automatically stops when vehicle stops.
Integrated LED signal and backup lights.
Capacity of spreader is 1/2 cubic yard.
Empty weight is 275 lbs. Spreader design allows for easy removal and storage without the need for storage stands.
Material can be spread continuously for up to 5 miles before sander must be refilled. Coverage extends to 10 miles when used in conjunction with the dump box.
Spreader has one auger and one drop roll that are driven by an 11.3 cubic inch hydraulic motor via chain and sprocket.
Heavy duty internal screen breaks up and prevents large clumps from plugging or damaging the auger.
Lightweight cover with integrated tie-downs protects material and keeps moisture out.
Front wheel weight recommended with spreader.

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