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About M-B Companies

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M-B Companies, Inc. is dedicated to being the leader in performance, reliability and customer service, as it has since 1907. M-B has enjoyed steady growth by focusing on key niche markets and in so doing meeting the needs of independent contractors, governmental agencies, and other road and airport maintenance organizations around the world. Currently, M-B operates out of 4 divisional locations.

The Airport Snow Removal Products division is located at 1200 Park Street, Chilton, Wisconsin.
This division designs and manufactures a complete family of airport snow removal equipment including custom snow removal chassis, runway brooms, and runway plows, all built with quality focused manufacturing. Chassis lineup includes front and mid-mount broom trucks and multi-tasking tractors. Broom products include front mount, tow, tracking tow brooms, cradling brooms, tractor mounted and loader mounted brooms. M-B's plow line include reversible, sectional, folding, cupping ramp and rollover plows. This innovative snow removal equipment is built with many years of engineering design giving the customer superior performance.

The Pavement Marking Division is located at 95 Blessing Drive, Muncy, Pennsylvania. Dating back since 1929, the company was a key contributor to the pavement marking industry as a pioneer in reflective traffic paint manufacturing. During the 1970's the Montgomery, PA based company was among the top four manufacturers of highway paint and one of the largest paint equipment manufacturers in the country. As we look to the future highway systems of the world, we realize that only with innovative products will there be an economical way for governments and road marking contractors to supply the needs of ever-growing road systems and increasing traffic on them. In 1987, and as demand grew, M-B began to build paint striping.  Its first striping truck mounted unit was built in 1988.  In 2017, the Pavement Marking Division moved into a new facility in Muncy, PA and the facility is designed to improve product flow and efficiencies.

The corporate office, Multi Service Vehicle and Attachment Divisions are located at 1615 Wisconsin Avenue, New Holstein, Wisconsin. At this location, M-B builds the MSV articulating sidewalk tractor which represents a great leap forward in performance, serviceability, operator comfort, and the application of technology for those responsible for sidewalk and grounds maintenance. In additional with the MSV tractor, you can select from a wide variety of attachments including blowers, brooms, plows, and mowers to make this a year round operational tool. The M-B Attachments Division has a broad range of products that convert your skid steer, mower, tractor, loader, and truck into a multipurpose tool.

The replacement Brushes Division is located at 1217 E. Chestnut Street, Chilton, Wisconsin. Our brush wafers, airport wafers, tube brooms, and gutter brooms are compatible with all major manufacturers. They can be found on machinery at international and regional airports, military bases, equipment dealers, sweeping and pavement contractors, construction sites, stadiums, and municipalities of all sizes across North America and the world.

M-B will continue to grow and provide the products and services its customers demand. The company is dedicated to being the leader in performance, reliability and customer service as it has since 1907.